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incredibly diverse we are. when we were kids we lived in the public housing project in the western edition. we came across the border of the civil wars in guatemala, we played baseball in the marina. how each of us got here and the neighborhoods that represent give us 11 different perspectives and we reflect this strength of our diversity and the challenges. last night at midnight i took a moment to re read my speeches for the last two inaugurals. four years ago, my first day at city hall, i asked the board to change the tone of politics and to usher in a new tone of civility and
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cooperation. two years ago, i asked that we move beyond the traditional opposition politics, position inflexibly taken. we are not voted into office to take decisions. we are voted into office to get things done. while getting things done may have been reminded to us and campaign slogans, i want to tell you how proud i am of this board of supervisors has been getting things done in recent years, whether budget reform when we first came to office, the class of 2008, a supervisor avalos pointed out, we had half 1 billion dollars deficit; that is a quarter of the size today. what the pension reform,
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america's cup, construction cranes along the city, we passed -- when our founding fathers set up our democratic system of government they envision that the legislative branch would not be neat and tidy. it is messy. we balance the community's interest as we meet the challenges today. we still have a lot of work to do. this morning i was almost late to supervisor breed's swearing-in.
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my bike lights got stolen, then the muny bus was late, and i had trouble catching a cab. together we have much to do. i have literally dozens of friends who have moved from the city after they found a lifelong partner, had a baby, and decided they could not afford to live in the city. together we have to do better at reversing families like and making sure that everyone who wants to gets to live in san francisco. we still have too many young people who are not graduating from high school; too many young people who did not have jobs; too many young people who are being killed on our streets. together we can do better. we call ourselves the innovation capital of the world but there are so many ways that technology can improve our city services.
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imagine if we have a phone app that help people avoid having their cars towed, that reserve big tables at golden gate park or can tell us when you drive over a pothole where street crew should patch it up. together we can do better. with cannot solve global warming by ourselves seven cisco but we can show what we can do for the environment; i am proud of the fact that we are on the cutting edge but together we should do better. we have a hard-working ethics commission and san franciscans have repeatedly worked for ethics reform; we need to make sure that the laws are enforced and the public is no question our transparency. now, in any legislature is easy to think of ourselves as rivals, as part of one faction or another.
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today was different about this board of supervisors is that there are more of us who do not think that the rigid labels of yesterday help. no one outside the city sees the differences between us, and there are endless opportunities for each of us to lead. a few months ago our beloved san francisco giants won the world series again. (applause) and they did it because every single member of the team showed up every day, played to the strengths, work together as a team, and took turns making the big plays. whether it supervisor mar, or supervisor farrell addressing looming costs, supervisor breed getting the jobs that young
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adults need, supervisor kim making sure all kids graduate, supervisor yee making sure that small businesses succeed, supervisor campos fighting for wage breaks; supervisor avalos delivering a local hiring. by the end of the season if we are going to help each other succeed we are all going to win. now the time when the public has been worried about fiscal cliffs in washington and the dysfunctionality in sacramento, the city of st. francis has seen the finest moments when we come together, universal care, living wages, as goes san francisco, so goes
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california. as goes california, so goes the nation. cities rise and fall, supervisors come and oh. colleagues, i am honored to work with each and every one of you, our time together to build a city that the last. let's get to work. ladies and gentlemen. we are adjourned. (applause)
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>> hey, guys, known a with the weekly. much to do and much to see. here the top activities at the top of my list. this tuesday, january 15th, the sf main library will feature free film night and reception and celebrate 2013. join itbs for viewing soul food junkieses, history and cultural significance of soul food, black cultural identity. across the street from the library at grove street. after movie might, learn about the 21st sea lion anniversary. this thursday through next monday, pier 39 will feature sea lion experts and celebration of 23rd anniversary of their arrival. become sea lion savvy and learn about marine life and state
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conservation on sea lay i don't know encounter. need to shed holiday pounds or want to bike ride? great. this saturday you're invited to bicycle with the san francisco midnight mystery ride as they set out to a new mystery location in sf. where to meet, post their locationses on the website and facebook page to answer. only the ride leader knows where they're going so bring your sense of adventure. rides are generally around five miles and all levels of cyclists are welcome. and that's the weekly buzz. for more information about any of these events visit us at sf grouch tv.or >> i want to learn more about it. >> social networking and e-mail. >> i want to know how to use it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> divisional divide is a divide between those with access to use digital tools and those who don't. >> with young people, having computers and i just don't know. they're doing it fast. so, i want to know. >> not knowing how to navigate the internet or at a loss of what to do. >> we don't have a computer. >> we're a nonprofit that unites organizations and volunteers to transform lies through literacy. our big problem right now is the broadband opportunity program. a federally funded project through the department of aging. so, we're working in 26 locations. our volunteers are trained to be tutors and trainers, offering everything from basic classes all the way to genealogy and job search. >> to me computers, knowing how
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to use it. >> i think it's really important to everybody and possibly especially seniors to get enough of these skills to stay in touch. >> it's been fun. with seniors, to get them out of their homes. >> so they can connect with their family members. or their family members. >> [speaking in spanish]. >> so, what we focus on is transferring skills from volunteer to learner to help them get onto facebook, find
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housing in crisis, be able to connect with friends and family. >> i decided to teach what i learn and it made me want to give back. i discovered that seniors do a lot of review. >> i am a beginner, so, little by little i learn. i learn a lot now. >> if you get the basics, you can learn it. it's simple. it's easy. once you know it. and that's what i want to learn, how to make my life easier and more knowledgeable with the computer. >> so, what we need right now are more people who speak languages other than english or in addition to english who can give their time during the day and who care deeply ideally about helping to close the divide.
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>> it's a humbling experience. it's something simple to ask in our daily life, but to someone that doesn't know and to help somebody gain that experience in any way is awesome. >> [speaking in spanish]. >> no matter how tired or cranky or whatever i might feel, when i walk into this place i always walk out feeling great. >> if you feel comfortable using computers and you have patience, we want you on our team. >> would you show me how to type? >> [speaking in spanish]. >> will you help me learn more?
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welcome to the tjpa board of directors meeting for thursday, january 10 2013. happy new year's to everyone. and clerk can you please talk roll call. >> for the record director lloyd has a scheduling conflict and will not be present and director mett calf. >> present. >> director reiskin. >> present. >> director sartipi. >> present. >> director ortiz >> present. >> supervisor kim? >> present >> any communications today? any new or old business from the board of directors?
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seeing none we'll move on to the executive director's report. >> good morning everyone and happy new year. we begin our january board meeting like we do every year with an update of what we did the previous year and what the plan is for the current year 2013. you have in front of you a powerpoint on this, and we start with just giving you a contents of what we're going to go over. we're going to go over the 2012 mile stops and accomplishments, current costs and schedule status, plant for 2013. sarah will give a report on our sbes and how we have been doing there. scott will report on our community work and all the outreach we have doing with our residents, neighbors and businesses. and the business report and where we'll be in 2013? beginning with the 2012 mile signs to accomplishments and starting with temporary tunnel. we completed the second full-year of successful
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operation at the terminal and, in fact awarded the advertising contract and they have been doing really well. we hosted ac transit rise above it all promotional event. we installed additional signs prohibiting jaywalking, smoking and parking within the terminal and we installed test pads for concrete performance. so it's been run very cleanly, very efficiently and very safely and we have received very good reports. with a warded the primary construction work to shimmick. we have our structural steel package out to bid and initiated requests to determine cast note production capacity and awarded the specialty consultant contract to prepare the cast note to augment the super structure package and we have that package currently out
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to bid. we have completed the performance test program and started preparation of the bid package addendum. with responsibility to the transit center construction documents we completed the risk and vulnerability assessment update for the epentire program and completed the needs assessment for enhanced it and communication systems. in to 12 we awarded a number of contracts and additions to the ones i mentioned for personnel and material services, below grade structure and grounding systems. we completed five relocation trade packages which you have in front of you. and we also did a lot of work on the buttress shoring and excavation front. the wall was completed around the perimeter of the site. 1 15 plus cross-lot bracing struts were installed and 275,000 cubic yards were
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instadto-date. as you know the first in fremont temporary bridges were installed both memorial day and labor day weekend and both of these installation occurred ahead of schedule and without incident. speaking of, that we're proud of fact with respect to the construction, we're putting a lot of people to work. on any given day on average we have 195 construction worksers on-site. approximately 475,000 trade hours completed in 20 is it 21 alone with 718,000 hours completed to-date including the temp terminal. you can see the safety statisticks for 2012 alone. so we're very proud of the work we're doing both in terms of putting people to work and our safety record. on the bus ramps and you will hear more about that a little
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later. seize nick design crate you and structural type selection was approved by caltrans. we have 100% design completed. the constructability and review is currently underway by webcor/obayashi. we awarded the contract to towns and management and plans is have been approved by caltrans. the study report and fact sheets have been prepared and submitted to caltrans and the construction documents preparation continues and we're at about 50% complete. on the downtown rail extension we had a huge milestone in that the metropolitan transportation commission adopted a phase 2 funding strategy. we're now in the pipeline and we continue to work collaboratively with
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caltrans and high speed rail. they have approved our train platform layout. drawings have been finalized and submitted to the fra on the project. on the archaeology, very successful program. we have cataloged about 20,424 artifacts to-date, we were awarded a or recognized for or archeology achievement at the 2012 california preservation design awards. it's currently at caltrans's headquarters in oakland, california. as you know the big topner 2012 was the find of the colombian
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mammoth that is current on "[stkpao-eu/] [stkpa*-eu/]. the transit center district plan was approved or adopted bit planning commission and approved by the brz. the transbay tower was approved and grant all the project entitlements. and we entered into a purchase agreement for sale of the property for $19 million. we expect closing to occur in march of this year, no later than april 1. parcel b also known as block 11a construction began on the ray cousin apartments which is 120 units supportive housing project by bridge and community [pao-erpb/]ships. it's a partnership with the mayor's office of housing and the redevelopment successor agency and we're very proud of that project because it's our first affordable physically supportive housing project that is under construction. blocks 6 and 7 the redevelopment successor agency developed 409 market-rate and 150 affordable housing units and they are currently finalizing negotiations on the
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development agreement with that developer and block 9 the redevelopment agency received three proposals for 550 units with 20% affordable and at the appropriate time i will come back to the board with the results of the bids. with respect to our current costs and schedule status as of november, 20 12 total for phase 1 is $1.6 billion. you can see what has been awarded to-date, committed and incurred through november, 2012. i should note an additional $75 million of contingency is included in the detail lines above. our schedule, we're still on schedule to commence bus operations towards the latter end of 2017. so what is the plan for 2013? in may of this year we expect pelli clarke pelli to deliver 100% construction documents and we'll begin the secondary design and construction packages for the other items. and i will be bringing more
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information to that to the board later. we plan to complete all the awss work and install the beale street temporary bridge and continue all excavation, bracing, micro pile, et cetera. we'll complete the permitting and obtain permits. on the bus storage, we plan to complete the structural mitigation analysis, submit 65% documents in april, with 100% construction done in october and looking to submit the bids in december. for the rail extension this year i do plan to come to the board with an update in february, at our february board meeting, but was expected in addition to occur in may, mtc
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is to complete the environmental evaluation of the rtp, which officially designates the rail extension. the city will be establishing a transit center district plan community financing district, the melaruse, and continue to coordinate with high speed rail and caltrans. that is in 2013. on the real estate front we'll have escrow completed by april 1 on the transbay tower, block 6,7, 8 and 9 that i mentioned earlier we expect to receive payment through the successor agency. we'll complete assembly for block 5 and issue block 5 rfp. :we'll put a history book together online for the public to know about or learn about the old termainle just an
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agreement we have with them to make sure that we catalog and preserve the history of the old structure. we anticipate to award the following contracts on the superstructure steel in april. the rooftop in june, the glazing design build in august and the super structure concrete in september. i would like to have sarah come up and give an update to the board. >> good morning directors. sarah gillati. as you can see in this slide, this is to-date, our dbe and sbe awarded and paid. the $141 multiple awarded to dbes and sbes represents approximately 18% of our total contracting activity. the count shows that about 36% of our subcontractors are sbes
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and a quarter of our prime contractors are sbees. this shows dbe and sbe percentages and there is an inconsistency in the presentation. i apologize for that, live to date payment is $49.6 million. i pulled the wrong number in and i believe that is just the number paid to sbees for the fiscal year 10-13. total live to date payment is the $83 million in the previous slide. but shows that for the current set of fiscal years that we're in with our 8% revised goal. we have awarded 14% dbes and 21% to sb es. we worked very closely with the cmgs c and pendergast and associates to have pre-meetings
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and new yorking opportunities, workshops down in the construction trailers to folks fill out the paperwork to become certified and doing unbundling and roadmaps for prime contractors as far as where in each package the sbe opportunitis are. and also i did want to note that our contract compliance officer has taken on the role of co-chair with the business outreach committee for this year and that is a working group of all of the transit agencies, including mta and ac transit, where the contract compliance people work together to put on outreach events and put out a newsletter of contracting opportunities. so we're taking a lead role in that committee. >> and now scott will give an update on our community outreach work. >> good morning directors.
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we have a number of opportunities that continued throughout 2012. we have a monthly community meeting which is open to the public. we usually get 25-30 attendees at those meetings we provide a construction update similar to what you receive at the monthly board meetings. we also give an overview of our progress. the look ahead we provide to all of our neighbors and anybody who would like to be on the distribution list and post that on our website, as well as facebook and twitter. we include construction activities over the course of the next ten daze include anything potential noise-producing activities, road closures and pedestrian impacts such as sidewalk closures and so forth. we have a 24-hour hotline that anyone can call if they have a question or concern what is
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happening on the site at that moment. we also have a quarterly newsletter, which we initiated in the fall of 2011. we have continued that throughout 20126789 it's been an opportunity not only or only to highlight activities, but also as a way to describe the construction work that we're doing on the site, so highlight initiatives from the tjpa, such as our efforts to promote the hiring of veterans in construction and events libe when the governor signed the high speed rail bill back july. in terms of outreach activities in 2012 we gave ongoing updates of the shoring wall, and the beginning of mass excavation on the west end of the project. we had the installation as was mentioned of two of our three traffic bridges. because those involved weekend

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